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Free People Cutouts in PNG Format (Good Quality)

Now I will tell you where to download some Free People Cutouts in PNG, in pretty good quality, so you can increase your arsenal of images of people for your work.

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There are only 8 images of people walking and sitting, but their quality is excellent and their format is in PNG, which means that they are compatible with most 3D programs such as 3ds Max, C4D and Blender.

Free People Cutouts in PNG Format - Recortes de Gente Gratis en PNG

Most of these images appear to be of colored people dressed casually and elegantly. All the women carry dark-colored bags and different kind of shoes.

I like this pack of images of people to put them in a shopping center, in a supermarket or maybe in a good park, but you may put your imagination to work in your design.

Download the images at the button below, courtesy of VizBL. Format of all images without exception: PNG. It includes images of men and women alike.

Many thanks to VizBL for these Free People Cutouts in PNG. I will try to post more material like this on the site. And now, subscribe for free to my blog and share this article with all your friends, I think they will thank you.

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