Free Resources and Tutorials for Architects and Designers

Free Resources for Architects and Designers

These Free Resources for Architects and Designers are the result of the volunteer work of a great team of graphic artists and photographers worldwide.

This new site is bringing together all the previous resources already existing in other CC0 sites such as Texture Haven, HDRI Haven, and 3D Model Haven.

Free Resources for Architects and Designers - Recursos Gratis para Arquitectos y Diseñadores

The same updated resources united in a single portal for the convenience of all of us designers.

A website with such valuable resources as textures, high-quality hdris and 3D models (mainly furniture) can only inspire admiration and appreciation from the entire x3dRoad Community of Architects (and the entire Community of Worldwide Designers).

The button below will take you to PolyHaven, the website I’m talking about, the Great Public Asset Library of Tools for Designers and Architects.

Probably we won’t see other Free Resources for Architects and Designers like these again for a long time, so make the most of all these gifts. Remember that subscription to x3dRoad is free and funny. Subscribe and share this page with all your friends.

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