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Free Sky Pack for Architecture Renders in 6K

A Free Sky Pack for Architecture like this will increase not only your arsenal of ArchViz tools, but will do something more, I’m sure.

All the skies in this package are in pretty high resolution, 6K at least (6000 x 3500 pixels), they all contain clouds and were taken during daylight, although you will also discover one or two taken during sunset.

Free Sky Pack for Architecture Renders - Paquete Gratis de Cielos para Arquitectura

The package contains a total of 20 skies in pretty good quality, in different situations and places to give a greater variety to the group.

I’m sure that, with this Free Sky Pack for Architecture, your buildings and houses will look much better when you render them.

Believe it or not, this beautiful pack of skies is also courtesy of one german artist called Nicolai Becker. Download the package at the button below, in Gumroad, and pay for it whatever you want.

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