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Free HDRI Sky (Square at Morning, Shiny Sun)

The free HDRI sky you are about to download illuminates perfectly any scene in any 3D software. You only have to rotate the image so that the Sun and shadows adapt to your project.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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This hdri is one of my favorites when I want to illuminate my houses and interiors, in both Blender and 3ds Max. Because of its high contrast, it provides excellent lighting and shadows.

Free HDRI Sky - Cielo HDRI Gratis

Click on the image above to see more details. The HDRI has a phenomenal view of the Zhengyang Gate and the other building that seems to be a library. It has leafy trees, blue sky and a radiant and majestic sun.

I don’t need to say that the square’s floor also looks wonderful with that amber color in the concrete. Imagine the reflections in your materials.

Free HDRI Sky - Cielo HDRI Gratis

The Ascari A10 of the image above was rendered using this hdri. The reflections are good and not too much exaggerated, and they adapt perfectly to the car painting.

The trees in the background, the blurry effect and the large white door on the left side provide even more character to the render.

Free HDRI Sky - Cielo HDRI Gratis

In this photo shadows and reflections are better appreciated. The library fence increases realism. Render created with Blender 3D. Renderer: Cycles.


Click at the button below to download the hdri in HDRI Haven for free. Enjoy.

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