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Interior HDRI # 2883 (Concrete Bunker 1K to 16K)

In this interior hdri we’re seeing a concrete bunker or tunnel with some yellow deck bricks, a wooden bench and well distributed artificial lights throughout the corridor.

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The only thing I don’t like is the reddish tone of the ceiling, but everything else is fine. Even the polished concrete in the floor makes a good match with the enclosed environment of this bunker.

Interior HDRI Bunker - HDRI Interior

Even with artificial lighting, this high dynamic range image provides well defined reflections and shadows. It is in high contrast and excellent quality. Click on the image above to see details.

Interior HDRI Alfa Romeo - HDRI Interior

In the render of the image above, the Alfa Romeo 4C 960 was rendered using this hdri. You can see perfect and good tone shadows, and the reflections are wonderful too. Software used: Blender. Renderer: Cycles.


Click at the button below to download the hdri in HDRi Haven. 1K to 16K. Enjoy.

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