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Indoor HDRI of Carpentry Workshop (Free, 1K to 16K)

This is the first time I post about an Indoor HDRI of Carpentry Workshop on my blog, just to vary a little bit in the conventional way. Enjoy it please.

The large rectangular lamp at the top is emitting a yellow light that is perfectly illuminating the entire workshop.

Indoor HDRI of Carpentry Workshop - HDRI Interior de Taller de Carpintería

The place is packed with a carpenter’s own tools, of course, such as industrial drills, wood saws, paints and glues and other things.

More details of the hdri can be seen by clicking on the image above. The tin roof, for example, is not perfect and some shelves on the left are broken and very worn.

Read the License CC0 of this hdri on the download website, HDRI Haven, at the button below. Size: 1K to 16K. No Backplates. Enjoy.

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