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Marble Floor PBR Texture in 8K for Architecture

The Marble Floor PBR Texture for Architecture that you are about to download is one of the most beautiful and colorful I’ve ever seen in my life.

The composition, harmony and color of this texture impressed me a lot when I saw them, and their uneven blocks make it look even more interesting.

Marble Floor PBR Texture - Textura PBR de Piso de Mármol

The marble veins that stand out in the lighter blocks only add more beauty and value to it. Really lovely and cute texture.

I guess you already realized that this texture can also be used on walls, and not just on floors. Imagine your bedroom fully covered with this material.

The full texture pack can be downloaded in the link below, at Texture Haven. Read the CC0 License in there please. 1K to 8K. JPG and PNG. Enjoy.

I want this Marble Floor PBR Texture in my living room floor or even my bedroom floor. You can use your imagination to put it anywhere. And now subscribe to x3dRoad and have a happy render mate. Good bye.

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