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Mikhalenko Free 3D Models Pack 3 (Trees and Vegetation)

This is the latest group of Mikhalenko Free 3D Models Pack 3 which also includes a lot of good green things, so I suggest you better keep reading this page.

Not only lush and good quality trees and pines can be found inside the package, but also another kind of vegetation that may help you in your day-job.

Personally, I really like pine trees in large houses because they look very elegant and majestic, due to their height and shape, and other things too.

Mikhalenko Free 3D Models Pack 3 - Modelos 3D Gratis de Mikhalenko Paquete 3

Something that appears to be rolls of barley are inside the package, the kind that are widely used in agricultural fields around the world.

Another thing that is included in the package are different kinds of vegetation, such as different kinds of snowy grass, grasses, wheat, spikes and flowers, and more.

Download the package at the button below. This is courtesy of an artist named Andrei Mikhalenko. 3ds Max is the format for all the models.

The Mikhalenko Free 3D Models Pack 3 that you have just downloaded I will use them soon in one of my great architectural projects, I will notify you by email when I do it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and share this page with your friends.

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