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More Free HDRI Sky Panoramas for Graphic Artists

Now, more Free HDRI Sky Panoramas for graphic artists and ArchViz creators are available to download on the site I’m going to recommend to you.

On this new site called Location Textures there are, literally, thousands of HDRIs and Reference Backgrounds ready to be downloaded, in a maximum resolution of 4K for free users.

If you want to have the hdri maps in larger resolutions (30K), you will have to pay for the price of the files.

Free HDRI Sky Panoramas - Cielos HDRI Panorámicos

Generally speaking, I think that, for those of us who are dedicated to 3D Architecture, 4K resolution is enough to illuminate our ArchViz scenes in a correct way.

The HDRIs from that site were taken in all hours of the day, at morning, in the afternoon and at night, and their quality is great.

Download the HDRIs at the button below in Location Textures. You will probably need to register there before downloading the files.

I’m going to use these Free HDRI Sky Panoramas in my next Architecture projects in Blender or 3ds Max. But you can subscribe for free to my blog x3dRoad, and remember to share these pages with all your friends. Goodbye.

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