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Old Cobblestone Floor PBR Texture for Blender

Download for free an Old Cobblestone Floor PBR Texture for Blender, Max, Cinema 4D or any other architectural design software.

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Old textures have always been one of my favorites, like this one representing a floor or wall built with limestone, very beautiful, whose joints were made with wild ground and not cement. Occasional handfuls of green grass can be seen between the joints of the stones.

Old Cobblestone Floor PBR Texture - Textura PBR de Piso de Piedra Vieja

The normal map of this texture (in blue) is one of the most important maps to give true realism to the textured object.

Free PBR Textures for Architecture

You can click on the link below to download the entire texture package at Texture Haven. Read CC0 License right there. 1K to 8K. JPG and PNG.

If I wanted to texture the streets of some old town, I would surely use this Old Cobblestone Floor PBR Texture, because in addition to being beautiful, it’s also pretty original and colorful. And now, I want to invite you to subscribe to my blog and to share this post with your friends. Good bye.

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