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Porsche 959 Free 3D Model (1987, FBX, OBJ)

The missing piece in the x3dRoad machinery is this great Porsche 959 Free 3D Model. Keep reading and I’ll tell you where to download this model for free.

Old-fashioned Porsches are always classic cars, sought after by collectors, and this one from 1987 is not far behind, mostly for its sheer design beauty.

What a pleasure it would be walking through the streets of San Nicolás de los Garza driving this classic car. I would really like to live that experience.

Porsche 959 Free 3D Model - Porsche 959 Modelo 3D Gratis

I like the silver gray color, but I think the model would look better in a sportier color, like yellow, although that is a pretty personal opinion.

The car’s wheels and headlights look a bit conservative and dull, very much in keeping with this car’s year of production, but the overall car is nice.

Download the Porsche at the button below. It’s courtesy of Wire Wheels Club. The available formats are FBX and OBJ, compatible with all programs.

I’m glad you liked this Porsche 959 Free 3D Model, because I liked it a lot too. And now subscribe for free and please share this article with all of your friends, they will thank you anyways, I’m sure of that. Happy Render.

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