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Primitive Cave Free HDRI with Natural Light

Primitive Cave Free HDRI with natural light, beautifully designed by Mother Earth, and ready to light up your design work in 3ds Max or Blender 3D or Cinema 4D.

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The only entrance to this small cave reveals that the file was taken in a forest. The interior of the cave is truly amazing and the volcanic ground floor has a light gray color very convenient for the exploration of this type of natural formations.

Primitive Cave Free HDRI with Natural Light - HDRI Gratis de Caverna Primitiva con Luz Natural

To see more details of the cavern click on the photo. The natural light that enters the cave is enough to illuminate any 3D scene.


Download the hdri at HDRI Haven, just by clicking at the link below. Read CC0 License on there because this hdri is royalty-free. Size: 1K to 16K.

The primitive cave free hdri you just downloaded produces very good shadows in any 3D object in any program because it has very good contrast to achieve that goal. And now, subscribe to my blog if you liked this article. Good bye.

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