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Render Background Image at Night with Trees and Clouds

Now, a nice Render Background Image at night with trees, using moon and artificial lighting working together and harmoniously.

The clouds and sky in this image look like something out of a movie, because of their beauty and distinction.

The huge trees, majestic and beautiful, stand up proudly above the lawn grass. A road and some cars can be seen after the trees, besides the lights of a small town too.

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Render Background Image at Night with Trees - Imagen de Fondo para Render con Árboles

Click on the image above to download the background in full resolution. Real Measurements: 2777 x 2845 pixels. 72 dpi.

Any architectural project will look wonderful against this colorful image. Just crop it to the size you need it using Adobe Photoshop and then make your building fit well into the scene.

I’m going to put this good Render Background Image in the project of my next office building here in Monterrey, Nuevo León. And now, subscribe for free to x3dRoad and share this article with your friends. They will thank you.

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