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Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout for AutoCAD (with Opacity Map)

This image is a Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout for AutoCAD, fully optimized to work in the 3D environment of the software. I hope you enjoy it.

This is the type of bicycle that appeared first in the 70’s and 80’s movies, classic and French, in a red and violet color combination and carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the back.

Free to use commercially. No attribution required but appreciated.

Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout - Bicicleta Retro en PNG

1. The first image is the diffuse or colored map of the bicycle, in a white background. Dimensions: 2818 x 1721 pixels, at 72 dots per inch.

Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout - Bicicleta Retro en PNG

2. The opacity map has the same dimensions and resolution than the first one but in black and white, for a better performance in AutoCAD.

Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout - Bicicleta Retro en PNG

If this bike could have a cyclist riding it, it’ll be perfect, but it’ll still look great in your ArchViz works of course, don’t worry about it.

3. And finally, the transparent image in PNG format, at 300 dpi resolution and with the same dimensions as the previous ones.

A Retro Bicycle PNG Cutout like this one isn’t always available for free on the internet, so please make the most of it. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and subscribe to my blog, it’s free and always will be.

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