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Backgrounds for Architecture (Beautiful, in HD and 8K)

This time you’re going to get 2 beautiful backgrounds for architecture, with a clear blue sky, no clouds, and with a nice strip of large trees at the center of the image.

In the first background of the image below, the trees are farther away from the camera, and they still look gorgeous. If you don’t want your building to have much competition with trees, I recommend this image.

License: All these backgrounds are free to use commercially. The attribution is not required but is welcome as always.

Backgrounds for Architecture - Fondos para Arquitectura

I leave the sky and the grass of the photo speechless, just looking at them is enough to rejoice, without a doubt they will increase the artistic value of my renderings.

The second background in the image above is exclusive for architects who want slightly larger trees in the background of their perspectives, with some fall colors painting in there and a little more shadow on the trees. I’m sure these two backgrounds will be pretty useful in your work.

Download all the backgrounds in all their sizes at the button below, in PNG format. With measurements of 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080, 4900 x 6052 and 7747 x 6113.

Personally, I really like these 2 backgrounds for architecture, beautifully photographed in some unknown paradise, because they come in handy for an architectural project that I have in mind for the next few days. Goodbye.

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