Free Skies and Backgrounds - Cielos y Fondos para Renders

Free Skies and Backgrounds for Architectural Renderings

Download now Free Skies and Backgrounds for Architectural Renderings and Graphic Design, all in HD high resolution, 4K and beyond, ready to be used in your commercial and personal projects.

You will find skies at morning or at sunset, with or without mountains, with or without clouds, with or without trees, but all of them shining by their quality.

No architectural perspective or elevation will look good if it doesn’t have a good sky or background to back it up, and this page solves that problem.

Skies at Morning/Afternoon

The wonderful daylight of some free skies and backgrounds makes me think about Creation but also that my ArchViz work will look so much better.

A sky taken at the morning, or at early hours of the day, will always bring better things to your perspectives, and perhaps even the client feels more inspired.

The skies below are the latest additions to this category that I really admire a lot, because it’s actually the one I like most. Enjoy.

Skies at Sunset/Night

I don’t know if you like to admire a sunset from the door of your house, but I love doing it, especially when it’s autumn times.

This kind of sky began to interest me when I was still studying Architecture at the University, because I felt that they added something extra to all my ArchViz work.

When I saw them they almost always impressed me with some detail that I couldn’t find in another kind of skies, and that was what I liked most about them.

Fantasy Backgrounds

This section is magical. Here you can find fantasy backgrounds that are out of reality and that will not necessarily be useful for Architecture or Design.

I personally use them to give a magical touch to any job that requires incredible things, like the living room of a witch’s house.

Although I think you probably have a better imagination when you work with them in your job. I love using them in my YouTube tutorials, for example, just to go a little bit out of the ordinary.

It doesn’t matter what program you use to render your work: AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Rhino, Lightwave or whatever, this material will serve you a lot, I’m sure.

I will continue adding more Free Skies and Backgrounds for Architecture, so I suggest you don’t lose sight of this page, return to it often.

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