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Sky Background Pack 1 (Cloudy Skies, Green Hills)

This is the Sky Background Pack 1, with cloudy skies and green hills, for Architecture and Design works. Enjoy them and use them to the fullest.

All the render backgrounds in this article are beautiful and magnificent, and can be used commercially in any work, no need to give any attribution, although it is always welcome, remember.

Sky Background Pack - Paquete de Cielos y Fondos

I particularly like the first one in this line, for its beautiful hills and lush green trees. And the clouds, white and fat, also help to mask the blue color of the sky in the background.

Sky Background Pack - Paquete de Cielos y Fondos

After the first one, the second sky is the best, because of the beautiful color in the background and its shallow and preponderant clouds that make me feel the divine inspiration.

The last three skies are also beautiful and they will give you a great help in your work, I’m sure, because they all contain many leafy and well dispersed clouds.

I hope you liked this Sky Background Pack 1. I will give away more of them in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe and share this post.

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