Free Textures for Architecture - Texturas Gratis para Arquitectura

Free Textures for Architecture, 3D and Photoshop

Download Free Textures for Architecture, 3D and Photoshop that you can use in interior and exterior design, graphic design, animation and video gaming.

I don’t know what is your favorite program, but these graphics will work wonders inside all of them: Blender 3D, Autodesk AutoCAD, Sketchup, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Rhino and all the others.

I’m sure this material will help you a lot in your career. The latest textures added to the Matrix are these, please enjoy them.

Exterior Floor Textures

These kinds of textures are very important to architects involved in urban planning and park design because they are durable and beautiful materials.

Although they can also be used in the interior patios of residential houses; that is, in everything in which your imagination tells you where to use them.

Don’t worry about where you’re going to use them, I’m sure you’ll find a way to make them shine in your daily architectural work.

Interior Floor Textures

As an architect, I’m fascinated by interior floors, and I never waste time selecting them because practically all of them are truly beautiful.

People usually use them in living rooms, bedrooms, libraries, kitchens and game rooms but sometimes they are also used in bedrooms.

Enjoy the latest floors added, the ones below, and don’t forget to share each page of this blog with your friends, because they will surely like it.

Ground and Grass Textures

According to statistics on my blog, these kind of textures are the most appreciated by users, and I can see why, they are beautiful and will always give a touch of realism to all the projects.

These textures are pretty necessary for the gardens of houses and buildings, and in fact, no building will look good if it doesn’t have a good garden in front of it.

The textures you’ll find on this blog are free and in pretty good quality, so enjoy them and make the most of them, as this is not available every day.

Brick Textures

They’re mostly used in schools and colleges, convenience stores, and I’ve also seen them in churches recently, as they look good everywhere.

Some brick textures are really beautiful. I would even use them in bathrooms and kitchens, although I think ceramic tiles would look better for that.

The textures below are the latest I’ve gotten for my followers. I keep searching and finding, and you’ll see all of that material in this blog pretty soon.

More Free Textures

In this part you’ll find textures in other styles and designs that don’t belong to any other category but still representing good material to download.

I couldn’t locate a good group for them yet, but maybe I will soon. For the moment, I have grouped them in this part so they don’t get lost.

Of course, suggestions are welcome on this blog. If you have any other category of textures in mind, just let me know on the contact page above.

I hope that these free textures for Architecture will help you achieve better renders (that is, with more realism, which at the end is what we are all looking for, right?), and better results in your work in general, because as architects we must always be at the forefront.

Once, in the Faculty of Architecture, an old teacher told me that he wished there was a good website with free textures and good quality; well, here it is.

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