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Tree 3D Models for Blender Free Download

These Tree 3D Models for Blender come in a pack of 5 and have no defects or bad textures; quite to the contrary, its quality is great and efficient.

The package includes 5 trees in perfect condition, all of them pretty lushy and greeny, in spring-summer seasons that can be used in any Design and Architecture work.

Tree 3D Models for Blender - Árboles 3D para Blender Gratis

I particularly like the only pine in the package, and I also really like the elm on the right part of the photo above.

I will definitely use them in my ArchViz and Design projects.

Download the 3d trees at the button below. This package is courtesy of a website called Mind the Blend, and all the trees are in the Blender format. Enjoy.

I’m sure these Tree 3D Models for Blender will help you level up your Architecture or Graphic Design career, as they have already done with mine. Subscribe for free to my blog x3dRoad and don’t forget to share this article with all of your friends. See you guys later, take care.

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