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Free Ground Grass PBR Texture # 3256 in 9K

I’m glad to share this Ground Grass PBR Texture with all the visitors of my blog, because it is in hi-res, and because it has all the corresponding maps to work perfectly in Architectural Visualization.

The good integration between grass and ground always give the feeling of realism, warmth and ecology.

This texture will adapt easily to any 3D software, I’m really sure.

Ground Grass PBR Texture - Textura de Tierra y Hierba

First, the colors on the image are really wonderful and cute, and its high resolution will make your renders shine for their realism.

All of your colleagues will appreciate your work even more, I’m sure.

Download the texture at the button below, in CC0 Textures. License of the file is also CC0, read license in download website. 1K to 9K, in JPG. Royalty-Free forever.

I hope you liked this Ground Grass PBR Texture, it’ll look great in your home projects, I’m sure. Keep enjoying the blog and subscribe. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends in all your social networks. See you guys later, take care.

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