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Paving Stones Texture # 3296 (Free, 2K, 4K and 8K)

The Free Paving Stones Texture on this page contains traces and fragments of vegetation that grow between the bricks, as is commonly the case with outdoor floors that are exposed to moisture.

The beautiful gray color of the bricks makes me feel nostalgic for the old building materials of the past.

Paving Stones Texture - Textura de Ladrillos de Pavimento

This texture is really beautiful and it represents the best of floors containing some kind of moss on them, green moss in fact.

Maybe the floor in a parking lot could use this texture perfectly, although it could also be used on a church’s atrium or in an old school. Use it wherever you want.

Download the texture pack at the link below, in CC0 Textures, and please read the license CC0 over there. 1K to 8K. JPG and PNG. Royalty-Free forever and ever.

This Paving Stones Texture comes in 2K, 4K and 8K resolutions, and contains all the necessary maps for 3D Design in Architecture and Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy it and keep browsing the blog my friend, don’t get bored.

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