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Wild Grass Texture (with Dry Leaves and Moss)

This Wild Grass Texture with Dry Leaves and Moss that you are about to download belongs to the floor of a beautiful swedish forest, in northern Europe.

Grass, dry leaves and loose forest soil can also be used in residential and commercial projects in any city; plus, PBR textures like this one always add an extra touch of realism that any architectural project demands.

Wild Grass Texture with Dry Leaves and Moss - Textura de Hierba Silvestre con Hojas Secas

Color of the grass and leaves is austere but the texture is good, in general terms, and I hope it helps you a lot in your work, because I use it really much here in my office in Monterrey, NL, Mexico, in where the eagles dare.

Download the texture for free at the button below, in CC0 Textures. License of the texture is in CC0, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

You can use this Wild Grass Texture in any of your Architecture and Design works, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you don’t want to miss more material like this, it’s free and always will be. Good Bye.

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